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Decorative plaster for walls, floors and furniture.


Harrogate based, Atelier Mineral Finishes are specialists in the application of decorative and bespoke concrete and polished plasters.

Used in residential, commercial and retail spaces, these luxury finishes are suitable for a multitude of different projects.

The majority of our finishes are also eco-friendly.

Providing you with endless decorative possibilities...

  • Microcement
  • Venetian Marble Plaster/Polished Plaster
  • Stucco Antico

Microcement mortar is hard-wearing but thinner than conventional concrete and can be directly applied to most substrates including: concrete, sand cement, plasterboard, tiles, MDF and stone.

Available in an abundance of different colours, Microcement finishes can also be smooth or textured, polished or matt.

A protective sealant makes Microcement both stain and abrasive resistant and further reveals its unique beauty and multiple shades. Easy to clean and waterproof, it is undoubtedly the perfect material for areas such as kitchens, shower rooms, wet rooms and bathrooms.

Venetian Marble Plaster/Polished Plaster is a term used to describe traditional yet updated Italian plaster finishes which give many different decorative options. Polished plaster is mainly used internally, on walls and ceilings, to give a finish that looks like polished marble.

Stucco Antico is a pure slaked lime with additives, which is then filtered. It is suitable for thin and brush finish coverings and gives a shiny effect on lime base plaster and other appropriately prepared interior bases. It offers workability, resistance and durability and is therefore far superior to normal slaked lime.

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