page-7Microcement is a cement based coating which can be applied to floors and walls.

2-3 mm in thickness, it has high resistance to abrasion and a powerful ability to bond. This means that it can be applied to almost any type of stable surface, including ceramics. We work with different Microcement suppliers across Europe who provide unique offerings, dependent on our clients specific needs.

Microcement is applied by hand, using specialist trowels to create unique visual effects. It can be used for walls, floors, tables, bathroom furniture and also bar tops. Because it is water resistant and incredibly durable, this finish is regularly used in wet rooms, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools.


Waterproof and durable
Microcement is manufactured using Portland cement, silica sand and polymer resins. The combination of materials produces a highly resilient, 100{98fa60aa6e2fabf24c545cfddadef58bb328d534b41aa75feb0c3aeccc069ba8} waterproof product because a polycarbonate sealer is applied. Also this added layer gives it anti-scratch, non-slip and anti-stain properties. With this level of durability it can be used in any room within your home, and for the refurbishment of kitchen worktops too. However this sealer is not only practical, it also reveals the products outstanding depths of shade and natural beauty.

Unlimited design choice
The highly durable coating is available in a variety of different finishes and colours to suit your own preference, including rust and can be finished high gloss, matt or satin.
Easy installation and maintenance
Because it can be applied to existing materials, Microcement can be installed quickly and it is easy to maintain.

Other benefits:
– Highly versatile it gives you a stylish finish whatever your project may be
– It has no joins or cracks
– Easy to clean which makes it ideal for use in both bathrooms and kitchens